Stone Cold Beautiful

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“When the stars come out I’ll have a better idea where we are…
Stuck between heaven and the back seat of your daddy’s car…”

Wily Bo Walker teams up with guitar maestro E D Brayshaw again to work on a new album ‘Stone Cold Beautiful’ for release in 2015.

Wily Bo weaves an album of cinematic storylines and EDB lays down magnificent and timeless guitar solos.

Some fine guest musicians make appearances on the album tracks

The album download includes a pdf liner notes booklet with exclusive artwork and lyrics.

Photo of Wily Bo Walker inside CD: © 2014 Graham Munn. All Rights Reserved.

Said of the album:

“Just do yourself a favour, go out and get it, I’ll be playing tracks from it forever I’s one of those album that just grabs you. E. D. Brayshaw’s guitar is phenomenal, Wily Bo Walker’s vocals are to die for and the musicianship on it is astonishing. Just a fantastic album!” Richard Dunning – Blues on the Radio