Stone Cold Beautiful

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“When the stars come out I’ll have a better idea where we are…
Stuck between heaven and the back seat of your daddy’s car…”

Wily Bo Walker teams up with guitar maestro E D Brayshaw again to work on their album ‘Stone Cold Beautiful’. Released in 2015 is the first half of the story of three characters; Harry, Louise & Johnny.

A storyboard for a movie, a concept album if you will. Their fates will be disclosed in the second part which will be released as a double album ‘The Roads We Ride’ in 2019

Wily Bo weaves an album of cinematic storylines and EDB lays down magnificent and timeless guitar solos

Said of the album:

“Just do yourself a favour, go out and get it, I’ll be playing tracks from it forever I think, it’s one of those album that just grabs you! E. D. Brayshaw’s guitar is phenomenal, Wily Bo Walker’s vocals are to die for and the musicianship on it is astonishing. Just a fantastic album!” Richard Dunning – Blues on the Radio