Almost Transparent Blues

In collating the songs for this album, Wily Bo worked with his regular band and collaborators alongside Grammy Award winning musicians, friends, artists and troubadours from both sides of the Atlantic

A veritable ‘miso soup’ collection of songs highlighting some of Wily Bo’s styles, his forthcoming releases, with the blues always underpinning his work

A wordsmith, a lover of literature, and a prolific writer himself the title lends more than just a passing nod to the essence of Ryu Murakami’s postmodern novel ‘Almost Transparent Blue’

Wily Bo Walker is one of a very few independent blues artists from the U.K. to be inducted in to the U.S. Blues Hall of Fame

With a career spanning more than 40 years, Wily Bo works across many styles and genres: Blues, Gospel, Soul, Classic R&B, Jazz, Rock, AAA and Americana

A solo artist, songwriter, composer and performer noted for his characterful vocals and swaggering ‘live’ performances. He has played worldwide with many award-winning musicians and featured on many hundreds of recordings.

‘Almost Transparent Blues’ gives a glimpse, a taste, a sample of his music

Includes bonus extended versions of ‘Did I Forget’ and ‘Light At The End Of The Tunnel’

Download of the Lyric Book PDF with full credits etc available here:

‘Almost Transparent Blues’ Booklet Download