Wily Bo Walker & The Danny Flam Big Band

The ‘Wily Bo Walker & The Danny Flam Big Band’ album is a collection of tracks with a hard hitting brass section celebrating horn section styles from across the decades coloured with Wily Bo’s own inimitable style and Danny Flam’s Grammy award winning musical direction.

The Big Band instrumentals hark back to the Prima/Armstrong/Calloway era with ‘The Openator’, the sixties Vegas ‘rat-pack’ feel of ‘Tony’s Good Morning’, the seventies ‘Big Band Fusion’ stylings of ‘Appointment In Sammara’ and exploitation movie soundtrack groove of ‘Jawbreaker’.

Wily Bo also adds the New Orleans funeral marching band celebration of ‘When The Angels Call Your Time’, the hard rockin’ brass blast of ‘Drive’ as well as the cinematic landscape of ‘Same Thing’ which also features Cenovia Cummins’ String Quartet.

There is the ‘swing-noir’ (think ‘Sam Spade pulp fiction B-movie’) of ‘Rendez-Vous des Cheminots’ featuring the vocal talents of Kareña K, the Gospel big band working of ‘Long Way To Heaven’ featuring The Brown Sisters of Chicago and the New York powerhouse funk of ‘Irritated Shadow’ featuring Amir Ben-Haim with Will Lee on Bass and Nir Z on drums.

And, finally, the moody, bluesy, laid back feel of the instrumental version of Wily Bo’s signature song ‘Moon Over Indigo’ featuring the amazing trumpet work of Kenny Rampton and Wily Bo’s cover of Billie Holiday’s ‘You Don’t Know What Love Is’ featuring the stunning, last ever recording of jazz legend Teddy Charles.