For The Children

‘For The Children’ is my topical anti-war, anti-corruption ballad taken from my solo album, ‘Moon Over indigo’ as well as being featured on the compilation ‘The Wily Bo Walker Story Vol I’

Released to round off 2016 – a ‘New Year Blues’ if you like; not one mired in mawkish sentimentality but one which kind of reflects how I feel after this particular year of populist promenading by politicians, seemingly endless warring factions, yet more worldwide corruption and a year in which we have seen so many creative souls lost.

Yes, I wrote this song for MY children but I hope the song’s message will resonate with you.

Here’s to a brand new year, may it be a better one for all.

Said of this song:

For a man so prolific; Wily Bo Walker somehow manages to maintain an exceptionally high quality standard with his songwriting; listen to the languid and darkly beautiful ‘For The Children’ to hear the words of a master of his craft.
He skirts ‘politics’ with the couplets ‘Oh Angel / I’ve heard so many lies / But with the wars in the East / Corruption to the West / How the Hell are we ever gonna survive?’ all alongside the chorus ‘And who’ll be there to catch our dreams as they fall / Who’ll be there for the children when their nightmares call?’ – Rocking Magpie Review

“Whew! what a song – absolute knockout!” – Tony Fitton, Blues in the Nite

“The impassioned ‘For The Children’ is a cri de coeur for sanity in this world with ‘wars to the east, corruption to the west’. Utterly convincing.” – Grant Moon, The Blues magazine